Reward Point

Every single deal with us can get the reward point. eg the item cost RM80, you can earn 80 reward point after purchase.

For every 20 reward point equal to RM1

Reward point only merchandise discount, not in exchange for cash.

Sample such as purchasing RM80 goods, you will get 80 points. But the second time you buy the same RM80 goods, with 80 reward point (equivalent to RM4) discount, that is to say you pay RM76 cash, mean that the second buy, only get 76 bonus points.

In order to let more people know about the product, encourage any members that used products, writing review comments. Written comments must regarding on the information of product used. once a comment is adopted, will give 10 reward points as bonus.

If found any malicious irrigation will be deducted 50 reward points as a punishment.

How to use:

Use your reward point before checkout your shopping cart. eg. the item price is RM80 and price in reward points is 1600, you may apply 500 point on the item, you can get rm25 deduct on the purchase. 

Sample review: